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Monday, September 7, 2009

How to mod Iphone 3GS earphone with Phillips SHL 9600 headphone

After reading this article, I look at my side and saw my Phillips SHL9600 headphone which had it's cord snapped after an accident. Since I only managed to use my RM200 investment only for a few days, I refused to throw it away after I learned there is no warranty for snapped cord from Phillips and there is no repair shop for Phillips headphone. So since its a better option than to sacrifice my CX300 plus a bit more cooler, I went a head with the plan. This tutorial is using the left earphone.

Difficulty: Intermediate
Cost: $$$$ (For this to be worthy, need to buy better headphone or earpiece than the stock one)
Equipment: 4 or more equipments
Messiness: Medium (waste products) to VERY messy (YOUR HAND!!!!)

Things you going to need:

1. an iBud or any earphone with mic (basically a hands free)
2. a headphone or earphone (Im using Phillips SHL9600)
3. Soldering iron
4. Screwdriver
5. Soldering skill
6. Guts
7. Backup headphone or earphone in case the project failed.

Caution !!!

1. Since it involve soldering which can burn if you are not careful or not skillful enough, proceed with caution.
2. Lots of small parts are involved so be careful not to lose or damaged anything other than unnecessary.

The awaited moment:
1. Pick up a nice and comfortable place.
2. Pry open the iBud using any mean as possible as long the wire inside is not damaged. (I used the strongest muscle in human body, hehe)

3. Memorize the position of the green and chrome wire since its going to be the same on the headphone.

4. Heat the solder so to release the cord.

5. Unwind the knot on the cord and remove the iBud casing.

6. Do the step 2 to 5 to the headphone.

7. Replace the headphone cord with the iBud cord and make a knot.
8. Solder the wire to the headphone according to the colour.

9. Test whether the driver works.

10. Screw back the driver and assembled it carefully.

11. Test it again if it works.

12. Repeat the whole steps with the right piece.

Bon App├ętit...