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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How To: Utorrent Setting Part 1

Difficulty: Begginer
Cost: None
Equipment: Utorrent (
Messiness: If you can even make a mess out of this, maybe u should just stick with normal computer use.

There are a lot of ways to share files in the internet. One of the best method is by using torrent. If you want to know what torrent protocol is, Google is your best friend. Here Im just want to show the best setting that I have been using for years and it never failed me. These settings is based on careful research but I have already forget the reason behind each setting especially the "advanced" part.

This may not give you full speed since there are a lot more tweaks to increase the speed which I may cover later. But for now, just be content with the average speed of 40 kb/s (Using 1mb Streamyx connection.)

Operating systems that has been tested: Microsoft XP Sp2 and Sp3, Vista Home Basic 32 Bit and Vista Ultimate 64 Bit. (Utorrent now support Mac but I havent tried on it yet.)

Useful Tips:
1) Download from reputable sites such as or

2) Private tracker such as or are usually faster and have more files but you need to register and follow their rule. or else you are banned from their site.

3) READ comments if available since they may contain valuable info or fix and workarounds for troubles your may encounter. It is also useful for determining the quality of the files.

4) Choose files with the most Seeder for faster download.

5) Sharing illegal files are punishable by law, use it at your own risk.

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