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Monday, January 12, 2009

How To: Upgrading Laptop 3D card Part 3

Continuing from here

So now I presume you are mentally, physically and economically prepared and assuming the card is in your possession right now (buy it from and search "MXM". If you dont have paypal, read here), lets move on to next steps. (If you are clueless of what Im blabbing about, read here and here again.).

The awaited moments:

1. Pick a nice, comfortable and if can, humid place and near to an earthing point.
2. Wear as lightly as possible.
3. Follow the precautions from part 2.
4. Lay out the things needed.My preparations (Clockwise): Laptop, cloth, screwdriver, the new card, thermal grease, methylated spirit, cotton bud and a nice cold drink(optional on a very hot day and to stay calm).

3. Unplug the laptop, take out the battery and push the power button for 10 seconds to remove any remaining current in the laptop.

4. Unscrew the laptop cover, and this will greet you. 1-Wifi chipset, 2-CPU, 3-RAM, 4-Hard Disk, 5-3D card, 6-Fan.

5. Carefully remove the heatsink(the orange thingy) and the fan by unscrewing it carefully. It will look like this after the removal.Take note on the chipset, NEVER put any alcohol on it since the blue thermal grease is irreplaceble.

6. This is our main reason for undergoing such a crazy job, the graphic card.
To be part 4....

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