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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

How To: Upgrading Laptop 3D Card Part 1



- The most asked questions by laptop users is "Can I upgrade my laptop graphic card" after watching some trailer of latest games. The answer very much depends on the laptop brand and models. This is done through interface called (Warning: Geek language ahead!) MXM which is basically PCI-e for Laptops.

Things that can be done with MXM:

1. Upgrade to a better 3d card.
2. Exchange between ATI or NVIDIA 3D cards.
3. Change a faulty 3D card by yourself.

As for the brands of laptops that use MXM (based on research and exp.):

3. Alienware
4. Compaq/HP
5. Some company that offer custom build laptops (DELL is not included)

How check whether your laptop has MXM?

1. Based on brands. (Refer to the above)
2. Based on models. (Eg. 4920 doesn't have MXM but 4920G has)
3. Based on specifications. (Laptops with ATI or NVIDIA has higher chances)
4. Model of 3D cards. (3D cards with desktop counterpart such as HD 3450 has higher chance)
5. Based on the bios. (Change log or it may appear on the start of the laptop)
6. Open the laptop yourself.
* All of the above usually applied to newer laptops. (2005 and above)

Like all things in life, there will be risks involved when upgrading the 3D card such as:

1. Void you warranty.
2. Destroy your laptop.
3. Waste your money is the card is not compatible.
4. Overheat your laptop.
5. Drain your battery quite quickly.

Then why do it with all the risks involved? The reasons are:

1. Play all that beautiful games such as Crysis, Left 4 Dead etc.
2. Bragging right as a geek.
3. Good for people who need attentions.
4. Satisfactions of doing something yourself.

To be part 2...

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