Life like a plain pasta is tasteless and have plain texture. Like a plain pasta, life can be added with some tasty sauce such as Carbonara.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Recipe: Spaghetti alla Carbonara alla Single


This is a very simple but delicious recipe to commemorate the start of my new blog. This recipe is suitable for students and people with little time.

Difficulty: Begginer
Cost: $$
Utensils: 2 or 3 utensils
Messiness: None to simple mess

Ingredients (Main):
- Pasta (can be fettucini, spaghetti or anything long, slender and sound italian).
- Cheese (have tried mozarella and creamy cheese, preferred the mozarella better).
- Eggs (one egg per person)
- Salt
- Black pepper
- Water

Ingredients (Meat):
- Chicken meat or beef (chopped up).
- Seasoning sauce (I used Maggi)
- Oregano

- Pot (I used pasta cooker for efficient cooking)
- Wok (to cook the meat)
- Fork

- Boil some water in the pot. (Boil: Bubbles!!)
- Add some salt into the water. (I usually use 2 pinch per person)
- Carefully put some pasta into the pot. (No need to break it)
- Push the pasta slowly into the boiling water until all pasta are submerged.
- Wait as long as indicated in the pasta wrapper.
- In the meantime, cook the meat.
- Heat the wok with slow fire.
- Pour some oil or butter and wait till they boil.
- Put the meat into the wok.
- Pour some seasoning sauce and oregano.
- Make sure all parts of the meat are cooked well enough.
- Turn of the fire and start working on the cheese.
- Take another bowl and mix the egg together with the cheese. (Use forks or anything u can find)
- By now the pasta should be finished so try your best to pour the water out of the pot leaving behind the pasta.
- This is going to be the crucial part so be quick but be careful.
- Put the still hot meat together with the hot pasta.
- Pour the mixture of cheese and egg into the pot and quickly mix them together with a fork while they are still hot.
- The secret is to cook the mixture of egg and cheese using the heat from the pasta and the meat when they are mix together.
- Put some black pepper to add some taste.
- Serve and enjoy.

I'll add some pictures later.

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