Life like a plain pasta is tasteless and have plain texture. Like a plain pasta, life can be added with some tasty sauce such as Carbonara.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Opening Ceremony

- This is my first post for this blog and I would like to say that this blog is a collections of things I have experienced by myself and I intend to share it with other people. The posts will be divided into several topics so that you can go to topics that interest you.

The topics:

1) Tech
2) Food
3) Hobby
4) Misc
5) Quack Quotes
6) Lessons of Life

- Since we experienced life differently from each other, some of things I tried may not work out so well with other people. It may due factors such as luck and timing but never give up until the very end.

- I wont hold responsibility for any accidents that occurs after following my "recipes" since I wont something unless I survived the recipes myself.

Bon App├ętit...

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