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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

How To: PayPal for Malaysian (And those without credit cards)


Difficulty: Begginer
Cost: $
Equipment: 2 or 3 equiments
Messiness: None to simple mess


Sometimes, we stared longingly at some items sold at or other international online shops. Sometimes, we want to have the special privileges that comes with donating money to our favorite forums or website.
Sometimes, we just want to send some money to a relative or friends in different countries.
Only one thing that stop us from achieving our desire, Paypal.

Paypal is an online service where you can do secure transaction instantly regardless of county which make it a favourite among online shops.
But the catch is, it need to verify a credit card before any transaction can be done.
Credit card as we all know, might bring more harm than good and as students, applying it ourselves are next to impossible.

At last, a solution have arrived in the name of Tune Card.

Main website:

The best things about using Tune Card:

1) Its a prepaid card. (You need to put some money into it before you can use it. If the money runs out, you cant use the card. In that way you can limit your spending.)
2) Its basically a Visa card. (Can be use almost around the world)
3) Can be applied online. (No need of paperwork and such, they even send the card to you!)
4) Accepted by (Before this, only Public Bank debit card are known to be accepted by

While it is true there are other debit card such as Maybank and BSN that offer Visa capabilities, they are not supported by Paypal from my experience. (Although Maybank said they are going online with their debit card last year, on 7/1/09, Paypal still did not recognise it..)

Things you need to have:

1) A computer
2) Internet connections
3) Online banking account. (Maybank2u, CIMBclicks etc.)
4) Money in the bank account.
5) Paypal account (Optional, but hey, that's why you are here right?)

How to:

1) Go to the website
2) Register with them.
3) Go to
4) Register an account.
5) Click on verify credit card.
6) They will deduct some money from the Tune Card but dont worry, it will be refunded into you paypal account.
7) Wait for the verification email.
8) Enjoy!

Bon App├ętit...

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