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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

How To: Upgrading Laptop 3D Card Part 2

Continuing from here...

Difficulty: Expert
Cost: $$$$
Equipment: 4 or more equipments
Messiness: Medium to VERY messy
Things you going to need:

1) A supported laptop.
2) Compatible graphic card. (You can buy it from Dont have paypal account? Check here)
3) Gut. (It need lots of gut just open the laptop....)
4) Dexterity. (If you are not confident, ask help from other people)
5) Money. (To buy the card, To not regret if it turned out bad etc)
6) Caution. (See below)
7) Screwdriver. (Magnetic ones are more efficient)
8) Good thermal grease. (I recommend either Arctic Cooling MX-2 or Tuniq TX2)
9) Heatpad. (For certain laptops only)
10) Alcohol solution. (To clean the old thermal grease)
11) Cotton bud.
12) Clean cloth. (Linen free is preferred)

1) Electric Static Discharge (ESD) is the number 1 enemy of computer hardware. You might noticed any damage caused by ESD because the value is too small but it WILL cause immediate failure of the card or shortens it lifespan. Make sure you are properly free of ESD by:

- Buying a special earth connector.
- Doing the upgrade FAR from carpeted areas.
- Touch a metal connected to the earth (metal water pipe, window grill etc) frequently.
- Doing the upgrade during rainy days or in air conditioned room. (ESD is quite strange in the fact that it cant happen in certain humidity)

- Not wearing any cloth that can easily accumulate ESD such as wool. (Try googling for more info)
- Not wearing any shoes.

2) Dont touch any metal parts of the hardware or the card. Eg.
3) Be careful when cleaning the thermal grease and applying a new one. NEVER clean the blue paste on the chipset.
To be part 3....

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