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Friday, January 30, 2009

How To: Upgrading Laptop 3D Card Part 5

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10. Now, wet the cotton bud with the alcohol.

11. Carefully, swab some of the alcohol on the surface of the CPU (Only on the metal surface).12. Carefully, wipe the alcohol and the thermal grease with the clean cloth. Repeat step 10 to 12 a few times until the metal part becomes reflective like a mirror.13. Carefully and slowly, put just a little thermal grease on the metal part of the CPU according to the instructions given with the thermal grease.Here I put it in cross arrangement since it is recommended by some people.14. Repeat step 10 to 13 on the GPU.

15. Before you assemble everything back, you might want to clean the air ventilation of the fan to avoid increased heat.

16. To do this, just unscrew the fan and put some cotton bud in the air ventilation, there might be some dust trapped there.17. Put the heat sink back carefully and firmly. You can only do this ONCE or you have to repeat step 10 to 13 again. This is to avoid tiny air bubbles from forming in the thermal grease that can cause increased heat. Screw everything back and switch on the laptop. The laptop will start normally except fro the absent of driver.

Congratulations, you have just voided your warranty and decrease your productive time with the new 3D card. I will post other related topics such as overclocking and installing driver on other posts next time.

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