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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Review: Coconut Jelly



While I was browsing around the selections I was approached to buy some coconut jelly. The jelly is sold by Young Mercy 2. Since there is too many selection of food in the foyer, I decided to do some review on the food starting with the coconut jelly.

My ratings are based on:

1) Taste (Give me muscle cramps, Once is enough Thank You, Kind to my tongue, Down the memory lane, A food to remember).
2) Creativity (Again?!, Oh..., Okay, Why didn't I think of it b4?, Genius!!)
3) Quantity (Stingy, Satisfying, Generous)
4) Price (Highway Robbery, Inflation, So-So, Sales?!, I thought it was free..)
5) Relevant (Yes, No)
6) Healthy (Yes, No)
7) Full Rating (Out of 20)
* Relevant: for example a hot chocolate sold next to a hot 'nasi lemak' is not relevant.

As for the coconut jelly:

1) Taste: Kind to my tongue (3/5)
2) Creativity: Why didn't I think of it b4? (4/5)
3) Quantity: Generous (3/3)
4) Price: So-So (3/5)
5) Relevant: Yes (It was nice on a hot day)
6) Healthy: Yes (Considering it is made from coconut)
7) Full Rating: 15/20

Final verdict: A good buy especially since the profit will go to charity.

4 linguines:

Cruisewar said...

hello, nice to see ya ni new world. haha,hazazi

abel said...

sedapnye ur blog. heading to comment. aaaaaaa lapa

Anonymous said...

nice zawirr!!pasni nk jual roti john plak, since tadi try buat roti john, dpt pujian dan support utk jual (ke puji sbb mkn free??)..tester dia AISYAH AZMAN..

kujie said...

utk jelly ni bleh than gak bkn murni buat pun..diorg tmpah je..hehe, mmg sdap kali kedua mcm muak sket..sdap mkn waktu pnas dgn jelly yg sejuk..hehe

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