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Monday, January 12, 2009

Review: Pizza Bread aka Roti Pizza


This time Im going to review another delicacy sold in main campus of the Uni. The product was sold in a small quantity and was quite obscure from view. I once mistook it as another seller's item since their items are placed side by side.

As usual my ratings are based on:

1) Taste: (Give me muscle cramps, Once is enough Thank You, Kind to my tongue, Down the memory lane, A food to remember).
2) Creativity (Again?!, Oh..., Okay, Why didn't I think of it b4?, Genius!!)
3) Quantity (Stingy, Satisfying, Generous)
4) Price (Highway Robbery, Inflation, So-So, Sales?!, I thought it was free..)
5) Relevant (Yes, No)
6) Healthy (Yes, No)
7) Full Rating (Out of 20)
* Relevant: for example a hot chocolate sold next to a hot 'nasi lemak' is not relevant.

As for the Pizza Bread:

1) Taste: A food to remember (5/5)
2) Creativity: Why didn't I think of it b4? (4/5)
3) Quantity: Satisfying (2/3)
4) Price: Inflation (2/5)
5) Relevant: Yes (Good for breakfast, brunch, lunch or even tea)
6) Healthy: Yes (Sardines, bread and cheese, quite healthy for a student)
7) Full Rating: 15/20

Final verdict: The strong point is the taste and creativity yet the price is what really bring down the rating. This may be caused by the ingredients used but a overall a very good buy!

2 linguines:

nabel said...

hoi!!! pukul on the price! hahaha at first i wanted to put rm2, as usuallyy food is sold on 100% profit tp even with rm2 i cant gain back 50% profit tau tak?hahaha nice review on the taste tho, its all that matters. wakkaak. oh oh n ill think of something to reduce the price. tgkla how yaaa. hehe at the meantime TUNA PIZZA TUNA PIZZA hahhahaha

kujie said...

hahaha..psal mknn nie..mmg sdap, ak ske ble roti tu dbakar dlu, buatkn rase rangup (klu mkn awal2 pg la) tp, x puas ati harga mcm mhal sgt, tp roti sekeping je..ak nk cadangkn biar roti jdi 2 keping rm 2.00 so, agak berbaloi sket laa, papehal, tahniah nabel krana hasilkn mknn yg kreatif n sedap! hehe..

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